Time Gift

1. Consultation

The artist meets with the assistant to discuss his or her needs. This can be done on Face Time chat through Skype or Facetime . Before the meeting, the assistant will look at the artist's website and acquaint themselves with their work. Even before a contract is drawn up, the assistant will be thinking about ways to save you time and get your work shown.

skype facetime

2. Estimate

Once it is determined what the artist needs, the assistant will work out a payment plan. There are two different ways Time Gift bills.

  • By the hour: Time Gift will set up an hourly rate and keep track of the hours spent on your unique project. Time Gift uses Timewerks to keep track of hours and generate invoices. This is the most common payment plan for the Production Services
  • By Contract: This sets up an agreement of the number of hours the assistant will spend on the artist's project. This is mostly used for the Representation services

3. Work

The Time Gift Artist Assistant gets to work! The artist can send files through Time Gift's Dropbox account with a folder specifically for the artist. Time Gift uses Google Docs for written data transfer, organization and meeting notes. Face Time chats and email correspondence are available by appointment throughout the duration of the project to check on progress and to further customize the project for the assistant.

dropbox googledrive

4. Payment

One the project is complete, payment can be made through Paypal. Time Gift uses PayPal's invoicing system. We send you an email and you pay with just a couple clicks!

5. Evaluation

Let us know how your experience was. Time Gift welcomes the opportunity to make the process of giving the artist more time as smooth as possible.