Time Gift


These services are what is usually offered by a traditional studio assistant. It is directly related to the art that you create.

  • Finding materials efficiently and cost-effectively, either locally or throughout the web.
  • Researching articles, finding primary source material.
  • File editing and color correction on photographs.
  • Video editing.
  • Photographic printing (specialty service).
  • Customized Services: Any odd job that you might need doing.


Time Gift helps the artist maintain a thriving and virtually viable practice. While the artist makes the work, Time Gift works to make sure people are seeing it.

  • Searching for opportunities for exhibitions, residencies, grants, and festivals, tailored to your art specifically.
  • Organizing and updating contact lists.
  • Putting together packets to send to galleries.
  • Revising Artist Statements, CVs, Project Proposals, and other writing.
  • Sending Social Media updates to all your relevent contacts through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin...
  • Maintaining a blog presence on the platform of your choosing (Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot, etc.)


The client can combine these services into any desired configuration. Or come to Time Gift with a totally new idea. The services are adaptable and are unique to the artist's work!